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Spell it out! (Alpha Bravo Charlie)

Ever tried to spell your name to someone over the phone? -Eh, B like in banana, E like, eh, in Everest, and so on. With the "Spell it out!" gadget, you can instantly translate sentences into phonetic words, e.g. "gadget" becomes "Golf Alpha Delta Golf Echo Tango".


  • Languages & Styles: In the Settings, you can choose from English (NATO, Telecom B), French, German, Portugues, Spanish, Swedish. Additional languages can easily be added (contributions appreciated).
  • Static translations: In the Settings, you can set up to three strings of text that will always show up as you load the gadget, e.g. your name, your address etc.
  • Fast! Just bring it up any time you're on the phone...

Brian Kelk, Phonetic Alphabets (Alpha Bravo etc), Newsgroups: sci.lang, rec.radio.amateur.misc, 2007.

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